How to?

1. Aen - The Desert Blade

Aen the Desert Blade is usually the 1st NPC done during the hunts.
Best route there .... from Dyron Kami TP, target Malmont Farm OP and then come into Aen from Southeast.
Guilds / teams assemble / line up in a straight line at the top of the hill. Usual setup is as follows:

  • (1) Tank for Aen
  • (1) Tank for Left Flank (if available)
  • (1) Tank for Right Flank (if available and other positions filled)

  • Everyone else lines up in a straight line facing Aen.
    1. When 1st approaching Aen, her two Varynx Body Guards will attack; after they go down, six (6) fake Aen's will appear

    2. Tank will draw the 1st of the six (6) Aen's starting on the right side. When that happens, two Varynx Body Guards will attack from left and right flanks. Main tank will take Aen, if there's a 2nd tank, they will take left flank. If there's a 3rd, they will take right flank.

    3. Mage lines are set up generally as follows (Full team):

    H-H-E-E-E-E-E-E-H where E = Elemental and H = Healer

    Alternate for when not reaching end:

    4. E's just blast away starting with the Varynx furthest to right (2 o'clock), then moving counterclockwise thru 1 o'clock, 11 o'clock and finally 10 o'clock. The reason the left side gets the 1st available tank is that the left has to deal with the cats longer. After cats all dead, all focus on Aen. As always check Sysinfo to make sure you hitting.

    5. First H concentrates on tank if they in team. The 2nd and last H throw heals up and down the line
    Spell for line healers (one for HP, one for Sap):

    Heal 18 (or Sap 18) - (250)
    Spray 7 - 8 Targets
    Sap Credit 22 - (225)
    HP Credit 21 - (200)
    Range Credit 13 - (50)

    Alternate Spell

    Heal 17 / Sap 10) - (255 / Sap 140)
    Spray 3 - 4 Targets
    Sap Credit 22 - (225)
    HP Credit 23 - (250)
    Range Credit 15 - (80)

    Note if our line is not straight arrow, you won't reach the peeps at the other end of the line. Of course adjust accordingly by team size. Since you on top of each other, range can be maxed. Check Sysinfo (good to test b4 fight) to see if your hitting everyone.

    Also check Sysninfo to see if you are doing damage. With NPCs, hitting is not necessarily doing damage and Sysinfor will make this obvious. Also, if you see 800 (1000), that means your are doing on;y 80% of the damage you could be ... use another spell to see what gives you biggest hits.

    Alternately ... if nobody reaching end of line front healer can move to middle and each healer handle the 4 peeps in front of them ... also allows for smaller credits. Or double spell with sap + Heal works, tho it uses much bigger credits. Experiment and see what works best for you.

    6. Rinse and repeat for all Aen's till the real one gets involved (she's the one that gets stuck up in the air when ya first find her) . Run down to the bottom of hill to take her out.

    EDIT: Healer should not hit the tank and Ele's should not hit the Varynx until after tank gets a few whacks in ... otherwise carts will peel off and attack mages.

    2. Pei - The Pernicuous

    Pei The Pernicuous is usually the 2nd NPC done during the hunts.

    Best route there .... from Knot of Dementia Kami TP, head North-Northeast up the hill into the little alcove at the top..

    Guilds / teams assemble / outside until all is ready and again line up in a straight lines in a star pattern away from Pei. Usual setup is as follows:

    (1) Tank for Pei

    1. Tank will engage Pei immediately upon entering while everyone gets set.

    2. As with Aen above everyone bombs away with their best nukes (usually poison). At the start you want to have a Bomb 1 in there as Pei has an invisible companion called Pei's Wrath:

    Atysian Double Missile
    Poison Damage 5 - (225)
    Poison Damage 5 - (225)
    Bomb Effect 1 - (40)
    Sap Credit 23 - (250)
    HP Credit 23 - (250)
    Range Credit 15 - (80)
    Time Credit 7 - (10)

    That's a bit of a strain on the healers so if it gets dicey, might wanna tone that down to 200. Again, make sure to check Sysinfo to see a) that you are hitting (doing damage) and b) you are hitting Pei and Pei's Wrath. If you are too far away from pei, you will see your spells hit but they will do no damage.

    3. At certain points, hunt leader may call out for Magic Protection Aura. When that points only the **designated** person in team should hit it ... and be on time when hittinmg it is important.

    4. At certain points Pei will stun everyone. At this point, if you are not stunned, forget about the team and heal the tank.

    5. At some point, Pei's Wrath will bite the dust. At which time you should switch and stop using the bomb spell. Once Pei's Wrath is dead, he loses his stun power.

    3. Lixie - The Furious

    Lixie The Furious is usually the 3rd NPC done during the hunts.

    Best route there .... from Enchanted Isle TP, head Northwest, swim thru Bailey Lake and on to Lixie Camp. Best, and courteous way in to the camp is to walk, don't run, thru mines.... if ya slow and careful they don't blow. Id use INV anyway cause some bonehead will just run thru with INV on and kill you. Try not to be them :)

    Guilds / teams assemble again like Pei:

    (1) Tank for Lixie who will begin engaging her right away (like Pei) so as to keep her off others.

    (xx) Everyone else lines up in a straight line similar to as wiith Pei in a star pattern Here it's a bit more critical that you kill fast as once bombers get out, we don't have much time before we wipe. So focus is less on heals and more on firepower. That's it, not much else to it other than if ya have a set of Fire Jools, bring em

    4. Sirgio - The Wicked

    Sirgio The Wicked is usually the last NPC done during the hunts. Best route there .... from Hidden Source Kami TP, head West / SouthWest to Tylini Gate. Try not to drag aggro on others as you travel (avoid blue dots on compass)

    Guilds / teams assemble in parallel straight lines again like Aen on the east side of the camp.

    1. The four (4) guard groups - These consists of several Mages / Melee guards + one (1) Ranger. Like any 'spawn" if you kill a group (spawn) they respawn ... so we do not want to do that. So for each group, that is pulled by Hunt Leader, DO NOT kill the Ranger. If there is a master Affie person in the group, should stun any guards hitting your group which makes them harmless.

    2. Rinse and repeat for remaining three (3) groups.

    3. Now kill all four (4) Rangers.

    4. At this point, need (1) Tank for Sirgio and we will immediately begin knocking health down.

    5. At a certain point, he gets very talkative, and next we have to fight miniature versions of Aen, Lixie and Pei.

    6. Then it's back to beating on Sirgio.

    7. Again, when his HP is at a certain point, he will start jabberin again and the Dancers will appear, consisting of groups of wimmen of each of the four (4) races. Here, it's good to add a 2nd tank to keep the goilz interested (and not attack nukers) and keep the damage shared between the two tanks.

    8. After that, it's beat on Sirgio again till he drops.

    Again , make sure to check sysinfo to make sure you are close enough to do damage. As before hitting is not necessarily doing damage.

    @Fyrosfreddy (Fluffy Bunnies)